UNITED Airlines- Asia



Flight out of Dulles was pretty smooth. IAD is huge. Don’t mess around and arrive too close to your departure because it takes about 45mins just getting thru security and train to your gate. This plane had only 2 classes. I have a business class ticket but they had business as first class on this flight. No real first class section so I thought that was interesting. No complaints. The food was great and we started tout with our champagne. I got the shrimp and tenderloin. I thought it would be kinda tough but it was actually really tender and tasty.




UNITED – Filet Mignon




One more hour till check in for my Thai flight. So sleepy… Bet I fall asleep and miss the lunch meal service. LOL


Gotta say, I thought that Thai Air was going to knock it out the park but I’d say that United’s product was just as good overall. I’ve done economy on a 17 hour non-stop before so I know suffering and I can surely appreciate business class. Thai Air has such huge planes. The flight from London to Bangkok had 68 rows with 6 on each so that’s 400+ people. The flight to Chiang Mai was only 55mins, was COMPLETELY booked. I was row 46 and I was about half way back. I think that flight had 450 people.


Thai Air Food




First Course
Good Morning – Arrival Breakfast