The Great Wall – @ Mutianyu – CHINA

The Great Wall – @ Mutianyu

Yikes I keep getting my days mixed up! I leave on Wednesday and today is Monday so headed to the Great Wall today and will do the  Summer Palace and Panda’s tomorrow. See that report here.

(Also see my report on the Forbidden City here

I guess I always had dreams of visiting China or The Great Wall  but I guess I didn’t especially think that I would accomplish it. I mean I didnt grow up with anyone who has ever made this journey and none of my friends or family have ever been but HEY I AM HERE – I did it. It feels special being here.


So The Great Wall goes on for thousands of miles built over thousands of years taking tens of thousands of lives in the process. Some of the most popular parts of The Wall are within 30 minutes outside Beijing. You can take a train from Beijing to this part of The Wall.


Since I selected to visit a part of The Wall a little farther out, I hired the driver since I wanted to experience a less touristy portion. I think the drive was about 90minutes.


Well I got a slow start this morn. I headed downstairs to meet up with my driver arranged by the hotel concierge.  Even though his english was leaps and bounds better than my Chinese we were challenged when trying to communicate. I did have a translation app that worked very well though, the google voice translation app works very well. There are so many language apps that you speak into and it translates your language to the new desired language so make sure you download one before you leave your country. We were headed to The Great Wall @ Mutianyu.


This portion of The Wall is suppose to be less crowded and I guess it’s true because it wasn’t too bad at all. If you take a look at the pictures below you will see that I was able to take plenty of pictures where there were no others in the photo. The drive was wonderful and gave me the opportunity to see part’s of China that I didn’t expect to experience. I enjoyed watching local’s go about their day – I find that very interesting. I like to see neighborhoods and communities within the interior of the country outside of the bigger popular cities.


One thing you have to take in consideration if you plan to do The Great Wall at this section is if you are up to the challenge.


Most parts of this section shot straight up, I mean it is a real hike moving along this wall. Please dont underestimate how challenging this will be. Just like most places you will want to visit in China, make sure you wear your most comfy shoes and a backpack with water, sun screen, sun glasses and a jacket that you can throw on or take off depending on the time of year.


I took about 3 hours to explore about 2 miles of the wall. The driver assured me that he would be waiting for me when I came down in the exact spot where I left him….and he was. Note on the way down you will have to pass through all of the vendors. These guys will do anything to get you to buy from them instead of their competition. Make sure to bargain and don’t grab the first things you see and vendors dot the entire path down.


I gotta say it was amazing being on the wall and knowing that the ‘warriors’ walked along the same paths and saw the same things we saw. I’d recommend it if you are considering China. I think this section of the wall was built more than 2000 years ago. (I gotta confirm that). I can see how it would be difficult to tackle the wall and advance once you are on it because after 5 mins of walking upward at that steep incline  and elevation you won’t have much energy left.

It was chilly but clear today so make sure to bring a jacket.  Take a look at the pics.


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This little guy was on the wall….. Looks like road kill right? He didn’t make it to the top LOL…


He was just sleeping. His owner worked on the wall



Steep Steep Steep (Stairs)
Everything is farther than it looks!!
Steep! (Stairs)