Lima, PERU



Fall 2012



Lima was my last stop on this trip before heading home and I was really looking forward to taking in the city. I knew that it would be very different from what I’d seen so far on this South American trip but didn’t expect that it would be as…how should I put this…..well lets just say that I have no interest in heading back to Lima.



Nothing bad or negative happened, it’s just that I didn’t find anything particularly ‘interesting” enough to bring me back.





I love Peruvian food and there is a great variety of all kinds of food in Lima. You will not have any problem finding dining options from fast food to 5 star throughout all areas of this city.






Taxi’s in South America are stressful. The taxi’s are not metered and unless you have some experience or information on how much it costs to go from point A to B you will probably get “taken for a ride”. It’s best to find a hotel and grab a taxi from there with the assistance of the doorman.



Stayed in the miraflores area of Lima and this seems to be a good place to make base camp. The weather was great so I would suggest going this time of year. While most flight were busy they were not fully booked. From what I understand, Lima does not get a significant amount of rain and this is always a good thing.



Well here are some pics