Chiang Mai2 – THAILAND

Chiang Mai



Chiang Mai is difficult for me to describe. Kind of a mix between Kingston – New York and that city from Blade Runner. Just so many people from all over the world.


Walked or took tuk tuk all day to the various parts of the city to do shopping and visit all the temples. The messages are about $7 per hour so I had one today and an hour foot massage which was about$3. Can you guess what I’ll be doing every day?


Tuk Tuk are basically motor bikes with backseats. Mopeds are the number one mode of transportation. Its so interesting and I giggled because you can see entire families on one moped. No kidding, 2 kids mom and dad on a moped. I chose this city because I wanted to experience the northern part of this country and Chiang Mai seemed like a great choice. I enjoyed my stay. I felt very safe at all times and there were so many markets open 24 hours a day. Some markets didnt open until midnight. Folks are selling so much stuff you hardly have room to walk on the streets.


I’am not exaggerating when I say every third door is massage parlor. Then every other door is someplace to eat then in between that are shops so I’am good ;-).


It’s the ending the rainy season but just a short sprinkle earlier today. YAWN


I think I’am more than half a day ahead of you guys. This will be my first night sleep in a bed since I got here. Bout to head up for bed.


Having a great time.

Some pics


Check out the one of the Tuk Tuk. She had it all pimped out 😉


Temples, Market, traffic …

Shot from the back seat of the Tuk Tuk

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