Beijing, CHINA (Solo)


Well I made it to Beijing.

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The train ride between the two cities were easy enough. Right off the train I headed to the taxi line to head to the hotel. Traffic was really bad so yet another reason to grab the subway. I did not like the taxi drivers in Beijing at all. Very very rude. Difficult to grab one on the streets, they almost run you over in the cross walks and very short while riding in them. The best way I get cabs while traveling is to walk up to any hotel and ask them to grab a cab for me. Works every time.

This taxi line here at the train station is about as long as The Great Wall so I guess I can catch up on this blog while I wait.        ( should have taken the subway.

Beijing is so different than my Shanghai experience. It’s true it’s the big government town so I expected it to be more conservative but after coming from Shanghai, Beijing is almost depressing. Having said that of course you can not forgo Beijing because all the best historical sites are here.

On the train ride in from Shanghai I noticed about 2 hours outside of town a haze which I thought was fog. I soon realized that what I thought was fog was actually smog. I usually research my destination exhaustively. Its just what I enjoy doing. This time for Beijing I decided to try and resist the urge so that I would have  the opportunity to get the impression as I experience it. It was a good idea actually.

Beijing is a huge city and each area seemed to have its own personality. I made reservations a two different hotels to make it easier to experience  the different parts of the city.

I did use the public transportation to get between every place from the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Zoo, other sites, temples and hotel.

There is this quaint area called ‘Little Paris. I had lunch in this area and its actually gives you a french feel. Tree lined cosmopolitan street with great restaurants and upscale shopping.





Here’s a pic of the train station in Shanghai. This is where I boarded the ‘bullet’ train for Beijing.


Train Interior
One Way Ticket to Beijing




This city is the opposite of Shanghai. Granted Beijing is considered the government town – like DC so I expected it to be more conservative but this city has a ‘factory town’ feel.

Didn’t see as much high end shopping as in Shanghai but there is enough so don’t worry about being able to do all of your high end shopping but I think is way too expensive though.

Traditional shopping is plentiful, just stay away from the touristy areas. Too many shopping area’s to list. A good source is to ask your hotel concierge for the location closest to your location as the city is pretty large.

Shanghai was very safe but tourist still stick out which allows folks to target you to approach you for various reasons. Didn’t  really experience that in Beijing. Folks overall were just more conservative.

Its true that internet access was limited…hey what can you do…



Beijing City Scene